Web Guide sensors

Sensoren voor baankantsturingen


Download Datablad US01B/04B (PDF)

The ultrasonic sensors US01B/04B are suitable for the detection of all materials with the exception of sound transmissive ones (e.g. no open weave textiles). They are factory set, so that no adjustements are necessary. The main advantage of the US series is the reliable detection of transparent films.Due to the various sizes the sensors have a wide application range.

Download Datablad AZS01B/04B (PDF)

The AZS BlueFlash series are optical edge sensors for the detection of all opaque materials. The used ultra linear, high resolution material edge mapping system provides to BlueFlash clear advantages compared to ultrasonic sensors. Two standard sizes cover a large material bandwidth.

Download Datablad DLS2 (PDF)

The DLS2 digital line and edge detection sensor is self-adjusting and easy to apply in all types of web guiding applications. In line detection mode, the sensor can handle a solid line, an intermittent line, and also a line that is adjacent to or crossed by a pattern. The sensor can even sense holographic pattern.