Innovative optical fiber modules  for incremental signals up to 2000 meters



Innovative optical fiber modules for a robust transmission of incremental encoder or sensor signals

  • The optical fiber modules LW215/216 are building together a data transmission system for incremental signals of encoders or sensors by means of an optical fiber.
  • Safe and reliably transmission of signals, up to a distance of 2000 meters
  • The optical fiber cable can be routed through explosive areas as well
  • Resistant against extremely strong electromagnetic fields
  • For use with all incremental encoders and sensors either with TTL/RS422 output or with HTL (10-30V) output
  • Four channels allowing a signal transmission with a sample rate of 10 MHz each
  • Maximum input clock frequency 1 MHz
  • Power supply either 5 VDC or 10-30 VDC
  • Compact DIN rail mounting
  • Already assembled optical fiber cables are available