Quadrature Frequency and Impulse Multiplier


  • This universal impulse and frequency multiplier provides one encoder input and one encoder output, both using channels A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z with programmable levels and characteristics.
  • The unit provides error-free multiplication of an input frequency by a proportional factor F1 and a reciprocal factor F2, both adjustable in a range of 0.0005 to 9.9999. The result appears at the frequency output.

More properties:

  • Index and marker pulse generator: The unit generates an index pulse with a programmable impulse distance, which – if required – can be synchronized with the input marker pulse.
  • All operation modes provide error-free frequency conversion, with full consideration of the A / B phase and direction of the quadrature signals, therefore no cumulative errors, even with continuous change of directions and vibrations.
  • Max. frequency 1 MHz on input and output, Power supply 18 – 30 VDC
  • RS232 interface and USB port, optional PROFIBUS-DP interface available