DX350 touchMATRIX (Incremental inputs)

Process Indicator with Dot Matrix Display for incremental inputs


DX 350: Electronic Counter (with HTL inputs (A, B), 3 control inputs)
DX 355: Electronic Counter (with HTL, RS422/TTL input, 3 control inputs)
CO 350: (4 control outputs, serial RS232 interface)
AO 350: (16 bit analog output, 4 control outputs, serial RS232 interface )
AC 350: (Power supply 115 … 230 VAC)
RL 350: (2 relay outputs)
all options can be combined

  • Multifunctional unit with several operating modes, e. g. position indicator, process meter, counter, sum and differential counter
  • HTL inputs for encoders / sensors with NPN / PNP / NAMUR characteristic
  • Counting frequency up to 1MHz (A/B quadrature count)
  • Bright and high-contrast display with event-dependent color variations
  • Emulation of a 7-segment display inclusively icons and units
  • Intuitive and easy parameterization by plain text and touchscreen
  • Numerous features, e. g. scaling, filtering, start-up suppression, totalization
  • Selectable linearization function with 24 interpolation points
  • 24 V auxiliary output for encoder supply
  • Power supply 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC
  • 3.78 x 1.89 inch norm panel housing and IP65 protection